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Buying and planning your kitchen requires some expertise. Here are a few simple steps that will ensure you make the ideal choice and set it up perfectly for your home.

There are two scenarios in which you will plan a kitchen – while buying a new house, or while renovating your present home.

In the first case, the best time to plan your kitchen is at the plastered level, before the builder provides platform

While renovating, it's best to plan the layout after your existing kitchen is demolished.


When you plan your kitchen, our supervisor or designer will first undertake a site visit to get all the detailed measurements of your kitchen. This will also help them understand your requirements.

If you need any extra storage space, appliances and so on, remember to inform the designer at this stage itself. This is so that your kitchen can be planned and designed in a systematic way.

Once the cost and design of your kitchen is finalized, we will give you all the electrical, tiling and plumbing details according to the final layout.

After all the civic work is done, our team will take the final measurements of your kitchen and will also inform you if there are any changes in design due to civil changes at the site.

Then, we will place the order and have it delivered within the required time frame, with the finish and material selected by you.

After installing your kitchen, our service department will also provide you with a warranty card so that you can contact us easily for any service issues.


Visit your nearest Johnson Kitchens' store

Once you decide to redo or do up your kitchen, the first thing you do is visit our store. The different modular kitchens on display will allow you to understand the layouts and components, giving you a fair idea of what would suit your space well.

Meet our designer

After understanding the various layouts, components and materials of the modular kitchens on display at our store, allow our qualified designers to help you think a step further. The kitchens designer will ask you a series of questions.

Your dream kitchen on paper

Post your approvals on the design and finalisation of suggested accessories and appliances (based on your budget), the designer will send a team of technicians to your place for actual measurements.

Your dream kitchen -a reality

Once the made-to-order kitchen components and cabinets are delivered to your home, our well skilled and efficient installation team will assemble the kitchen within 48-72 hours, depending on the area.